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Formation / Registration of Company and Business Entity

The starting point in doing business in Singapore is usually a decision on the type of entity that is best suited to the needs of the owners and other factors, such as:

  • Ownership and control
  • Taxation

  • Legal exposure and risk
  • Compliance
  • Ease of formation and exit

In Singapore, a privately limited liability entity, also known as “company”, is one of the most popular forms of business vehicle, though some may consider setting up a Representative Office or Limited Liability Partnership (LLP).

We provide a comprehensive range of services related to business formation, from the gathering of information to the eventual successful registration of the business.  Depending on your needs, we are able to assist you on the following:

  • Incorporation of a private company limited by shares or guarantee in Singapore

  • Incorporation of a limited liability partnership (LLP) in Singapore

  • Registration of a branch in Singapore

  • Registration of a business firm (i.e. sole proprietorship or partnership) in Singapore

Corporate Secretarial Services

Our work does not end with business setup.  All registered business entities are required to comply with various legislations.  We can guide and advise you on the relevant rules and regulations in Singapore so that your company can be in compliance with them through our services as Corporate Secretarial Agents.

With us as your appointed Corporate Secretarial Agent, you will not need to worry about the complexities of corporate compliance matters—you can focus on strategic and management issues, while we address them on your behalf.

We can provide advice and assistance in the following areas:

  • Corporate secretarial & support services to private companies
  • Annual compliance & advisory services
  • Named nominee secretary services
  • Nominee director services
  • Registered office address services
  • Maintenance of statutory registers and minutes books
  • Safe custody and control over use of common seal
  • Facilitation of corporate documents for notarisation, legalisation and attestation
  • Deregistration of companies
  • Share capital reduction
  • Share buy-back exercise

Outsource Accounting Services

Our accounting services are especially popular with SMEs because we give meaning to book-keeping. We share with the management the implications of their financial numbers, highlight variances and alert them to any compliant issues such as those pertaining to GST and withholding tax.

Thoroughly understanding the information required for your management needs is our starting point, and we go beyond the routine if necessary to customize the management report format according to your needs.

The following are amongst some of the accounting services we provide:

Complete or partial accounting services (i.e. monthly, quarterly, semiannual, or annual accounting service).
 Prepare and submit Goods and Service Tax (GST) reports, annual Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI), preparation of Non-Audit Financial Statements etc.

Our Routine Accounting Services includes:

  • Setting up proper accounting systems
  • Performing accounting-related administrative services
  • Administering GST compliance
  • Administering corporate & personal tax compliance
  • Compiling proprietor's accounts
  • Setting up accounting policies and procedures
  • Providing routine and non-routine financial reports including:
    • Departmental report
    • Variance report
    • Monthly comparison of performance
    • Highlights on key performance indicators
    • Preparing cash flow projections

Tax Compliance Services

Tax expenses are a substantial cost factor for companies in most countries.  In addition, taxes usually involve far more than annual corporate or individual tax returns stipulated by the tax authorities and should always be handled with utmost care.

Through our associate Tristar Tax Services Pte Ltd, our tax compliance services will ensure that our clients are fully in compliance with all tax-related regulations and simultaneously reduce unnecessary tax costs through proper tax planning and review of financial accounts.

Corporate Tax Returns

We provide various tax compliance services for companies in Singapore.  This includes corporate income tax returns, GST filings, withholding tax returns and other tax compliance required.  We also provide services to attend to tax audit and investigations by relevant tax authorities in Singapore.

Individual Income Tax Return

Some countries require declaration of income derived from country of residence together with the income derived from home country, and this complicates the calculation of taxes.  We are able to address such issues adequately through preparing and filing individual income tax returns for individuals and expatriates located in Singapore.

Tax Planning Services

We are committed to deeply understanding the organizational structure and business model of our clients and, most importantly, the needs of our clients to provide tax planning and advisory services to achieve optimal tax position and full tax compliance simultaneously.  Our tax professionals can provide international tax planning to a group of companies.


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